4 thoughts on “CAMPBELL, Harold Daniel (Hal)

  1. RIP hal Ole Buddy only was up saying hello to you at your house couple months ago wish I could see ya one last time and hear that famous ole chicken song and have a smoke together outside the post office ! Your buddy josh wish I could make the funeral but residing in Ontario now my condolences with friends and family and the community of baddeck

  2. Mary,Brenda,Colleen,Valerie,Melanie and family
    Our heartfelt condolences at this very trying time, we are thinking of you all and hope you can find some comfort for your grief through family and friends over time.
    For Hal
    You got that deep bass thing going
    Echoes around you
    Can feel the sidewalk shake
    No quake
    Your confined meditation spilling out
    You may be worried
    It may be settling in
    That nobody is praying for you
    Fewer people of Faith and belief and hope
    Your circle is shrinking
    Isolated genius
    Like a dot in the galaxy
    An amoeba in a sterile pond
    Not asking for or receiving
    Salvation in any form or body
    Like dreams they float down the street
    Oh, listen the bass quieted
    Carefully in silence
    I detect a heartbeat
    Realyzing the beat is how I walk
    Rythmic,smooth resilient
    Having taken the hits
    Physical and mental battles
    Seeming like lost appendages
    Until the body renewed
    Says I am here
    By necessity and history and DNA
    Returned to the form required
    Function on the human plane
    Until God calls you by name
    Creating whatever kindness you can

    Rest in Peace Hal
    Jimmy and Maureen

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