DE VRIES Georgina Violet

10 thoughts on “DE VRIES Georgina Violet

  1. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Georgies sudden passing! Georgie was a sweet lady, she always had a smile and greeting when we met at choir practice..she will be sorely missed !

  2. My condolences to all the De Vries family. Gorgi and I have kept in touch since our early days of university studies in the 1950s and it is with sorrow that I learn of her passing. We had many similar experienes throughout the years and both found our lifetime spouses through the Student Christian Movement. My love and sympathy. Florrie Snow Chacón, Santiago, Chile.

  3. So very sorry to hear of Georgi’s passing! My condolences to the family. Georgi was such a joy to sing with, as a Soprano I would look across the room to see her beaming in the Alto section. I will also always cherish the memory of when we first met and she told me of her daughter, also named Kirsten, who had passed.

  4. My Dear Georgi, you loved passionately, and you were loved. You made a difference; and that’s all that matters in the end. Rest in peace dear friend. Most sincere condolences to your loving family. Marie and Rankin

  5. Georgi was a ray of sunshine in the world. Despite all the years since we were last together with her & Pieter, we have always treasured our friendship, & are deeply saddened by her passing. Thank you for being in our lives, Georgi. – Connie & John DeRoche, Halifax

  6. I always loved Georgi when we were at university together. We were friends. There were a few of us who went around together and we always had fun.She had such a wonderful smile and, as I remember her, she brightened up the room when she was there although she was never pushy – always held back, but was part of everything that went on just the same.

    We were both studying Arts and Education. I too spent all my professional career in some aspect of education and was always involved in community activities. We had so much in common – although I can neither sing nor paint, which I see from the obituary that she did well.

    We lost touch with each other after we left MUN but many years later as our mutual friends died I would see her name in the notes of sympathy – – I did when my husband died two years ago.

    I tried to find out how to reach her but no one seemed to know. I replied to her post but I don’t think it got through. I wish we could have reconnected. Both my sisters lived in St. Margaret’s Bay for decades and I went there every year at least once. So near and we didn’t know it.

    Georgi was always such fun. In the late 50s and early 60 – I am not sure which years we were there together – there were only about 600 students and everyone knew everyone else. I still see some of the old crowd and they all remember Georgie with much affection. I know that you, her family, will miss her very much.

    Please accept my sincere sympathy on your loss.
    Sheilah Mackinnon Drover

  7. Rachel and the DeVries family, I wish you peace this holiday season and pray that your memories are a comfort and blessing.

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