GALLANT Lucie Jeanette

5 thoughts on “GALLANT Lucie Jeanette

  1. Jeanette you were surely one of a kind..I will miss you so much,and your phone calls.We had so much fun in our short time together. So happy that John and I saw you both 2 summers ago when we were in Cheticamp. We shared many laughs together.I never thought anyone cursed more than I did,but I was wrong..You had such a big heart.Your love for Leo was endless.I was so happy to have known you.Sending much love to Leo and to all of her family&loved ones&to all who love her.Rest in peace sweet lady.You will always have a special place in my heart.John Bridges&Joanne Muise.

  2. Deepest sympathy to all the family. Her family was everything to her. She was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed also by many members of the online cooking group, Cape Breton Counties Recipes and Chat that she was a big part of. I was happy to have made her acquaintence and we chatted often. I am sorry I will not have the chance to meet her in person. My husband & I were supposed to tour Nova Scotia last summer and we surely would have stopped in for a visit, however COVID did not permit us to travel. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. The thoughts of many are with you. My condolences as you grieve. Xoxo Elizabeth McKay – Grosse Ile, Magdalen Islands.

  3. Leo, Shawn, Darrell, with a heavy heart I’m sending you our deepest sympathies. I know we have been talking on the phone. I wanted to let you know I think of Jeanette everyday. Smile on things her that Jeanette and I chat about. Seems like yesterday when we first met. I was 15 years old and first moved to Margaree. Jeanette was fun, straight talking and lovable. You know, to this day I’ve not forgotten that. Even through many years.You know,, even when she pierced my ears! with the darn potatoe and needle. I have something on me forever. I miss her … we may not talk all the time but some funny when we do. Jeanette, I’ll miss you. my heart though will have a piece missing. Love you, and I know we will see each other.

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