LANCELEVE Angus George

4 thoughts on “LANCELEVE Angus George

  1. Angus was a very nice and friendly neighbor. I will miss seeing him in West Lake Ainslie.
    My condolences to all his family.

  2. Our sincere condolences to Angus’ family. Although only meeting him a few times, we heard of him through my cousin Rhoda’s letters to her aunt Emma, my Mom (a younger sister of Rhoda’s Mom Helena) when she was living and at times in response to my letters back to her, keeping her in touch with the family after Mom had died. How pleased we were that Rhoda had met and married Angus, knowing that she was no longer alone after her many years in Boston and Toronto on her own during her nursing career. We would always look forward to Rhoda’s summer visit for a day or so on her way to Lake Ainslie and then for another stop on her way back. Some of those times, it was a double visit for her as her father, my uncle Mel, lived with us for some three years when he was unwell. When I was a teenager, and for a while later, Rhoda would also write to me, as she did in later years on occasion.
    An appreciative “Thank You” to all Angus’ family who took Rhoda into your lives and caring.
    Roland Hutchinson & wife Anna
    Hillsborough, NB

  3. Rosie and Patrick Hoelzemer:

    We lost a wonderful friend in Angus Lanceleve….whenever we were visiting at Lake Ainslie, he was always around to come and say hello and ask how we were doing. He called several times from his home on Lake Ainslie to our home in British Columbia to talk. He was always willing to help out however him and Rhoda could. He was a lost man when Rhoda passed away as they were together always. Rest in peace Angus.

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