6 thoughts on “LARADE-PORIER, Marie Ediana

  1. Paul, Frida, Annette and all of Dianne’s family,
    We were saddened to hear of Dianne’s passing. She was a strong and thoughtful person. We got to know her well when she started at Wellington South around the same time that we moved in. Our thoughts go out to you all at this difficult time. May your wonderful memories of her sustain you.
    Sincerely, Mary & Ken MacInnis

  2. Dear Paul, Robert, Freda & family,
    Diane was a very special person, and those who were lucky enough to have Diane in their lives experienced true friendship. Diane had that magical ability to make everyone feel special and loved by her. She was devoted to her family and her grandchildren and we almost felt that we got to know them as they grew up, even though we had never met. Diane was so hard working and never happy to stop working until she was happy everything was perfect. She had a lovely sense of humour and was such a great communicator, a perfect example of a very true and dear friend. I will miss her very much but she will always be in my heart.
    With much love,
    Kathy Ridout & family

  3. Dear family of Diane’s:

    I have known Diane for 12 years.

    I would like you to know that I am so proud of knowing her and having her as my friend.

    Diane never refused to help when she was asked. If she promised to help, she kept her promise no matter how it may inconvenient her.

    She was so generous to others with her time. She often worked more hours for cleaning than she billed people for. She took such pride in her work and would not cut corners or left the job half done. Such a high standard she set for cleaning set her above others. She would rather be on her hands and knees to scrub the floors instead of using a mop because it did not do as good a job.

    She was so honest that people trusted her into their homes to clean while they were not present.

    She was extremely patient, thorough, organized and paid attentions to details which made her great at her cleaning business.

    She always cared about others and inquired how they or their families were.

    She had fought the battle and won her title as a great warrior. I am sure angels are cheering for her in heaven and she is going to enjoy all her labour of love that is still growing in our hearts.


  4. Myself and Denis are so sad to have our dear friend Diane pass. We loved her dearly and were privileged to have her wonderful friendship.
    She was a real professional in her business dealings and always went the step further. She was kindness personified and had the biggest heart. She never complained and was always more interested to know how everyone else was. We will miss her so much. She brightened one’s day as she was always so positive and strong.
    Our sincere condolences to her wonderful family who she was so proud of and loved so much.
    We know she will Rest In Peace.
    Sincerely Muriel and Denis Ryan

  5. Paul and family – our heartfelt condolences. We appreciated everything Dianne did for Wellington South. She made the place sparkle and shine with her own special brand of elbow grease. We can’t imagine the loss you’re feeling now. Our prayers are with you.

    Dennis, Vivian and Charlotte Creamer

  6. To Paul and family –
    Diane was such a special person. The little biography talked about her “cleaning service.” But really it was more – I think of it as a “caring service.” Others have noted how much elbow grease she used – getting down on hands and knees to clean floors regardless of the cost to her own comfort. But more than the superb cleaning, she just took care of things. I would come back to find she had arranged for Paul to repair something that wasn’t working – with never an extra charge. One day my vacuum suddenly broke down – again she got it assessed and it was not reparable. Then she called me from a vacuum store – she would buy this vacuum that was good quality and on sale. Was this OK? Could she bring it to the next clean and would I reimburse her? Again, no charge for all the extra time this took. Another time she asked if she could leave briefly from her cleaning time with me – a client who depended on a meal service had been left without a meal. She left my home briefly so she could bring food to this person in need. Again, a caring service, not just a cleaning service.

    I feel so sad at her loss. For those who are family, or who have been closer than I have been, the loss must be so much greater. My heartfelt condolences for the loss of this beautiful human being.

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