9 thoughts on “MACLEAN Ronald Murdo

  1. So sorry to hear of Murdo’s death.A lot of memories of our times with him in Orangedale and a trip to Glace Bay. Condolences to you Mary Ann and best wishes for the future.

  2. Mary Ann and the MacLean family
    Sorry to learn of Murdo’s passing.
    Our condolences to all.
    Duncan and Libby Cameron

  3. We were saddened to hear of Murdo’s death. Our sincerest sympathy is extended to Mary Ann and the MacLean family.

  4. Cousin Murdo was my dad’s favourite. They basically were like brothers. Murdo was always so welcoming. I remember when he greeted my young family as we visited back in 1990. My daughter was 7 and my son 3. We were lucky enough to have pictures of that visit…nwhich included songs as Murdo did his thing with his guitar in hand. Murdo I pray for you every nigh and have been doing so for a long time. May you rest in peace cousin. You deserve nothing but the best. Hope to see you again in the future but not yet.

  5. So Sorry for the passing of Ron He was so sweet and happy when I worked with him and enjoyed his company My deepest sympathy to Mary Ann my dearest friend I will miss him

  6. Murdo was such a gentle soul. He was so kind to help us with putting our windows in and help with the tractor. He always seemed so jovial! We always loved listening to him play his guitar and singing! Also loved playing darts with him! Comfort to all his loving family and May all your memories of him continue to help you thru this difficult time.

  7. I’m so relieved that the man that tortured my nightmares for forty years has finally died. They say that karma will get you in the end, and that true evil will rot you from the inside out. I suppose that molesting children causes cancer then. Making threats to do the same things to my friends, as he was doing to me if I wasn’t quiet, since no one would believe me anyway… that was harsh. I was under his thumb for 5 years, and I told my mom, but I guess I didn’t convince her, or he was more convincing… At least when I was 8 or 9. I had to leave my mother and live with my Grandmother when I was 13 because I couldn’t stand him touching me anymore. Everyone thinks he’s so great. He was a drunkard and a child molester. He was court-ordered to join AAs, after pleading guilty to whatever deal he was offered in my case against him. And you know, the one person he never attempted to Make Amends to (Step 9), was me. So, I may not ever regain my faith in God or angels, but finally! Karma came through!

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