1 thought on “PHILLIPS, Isabel Emma

  1. For Blair, Steven and Jimmy, I don’t know if you all remember me/us but I’m David Dunford and brother Allan sister Heather, we are Madelyn Dunford children and spent many happy days next door to you and your family at Dr. Coles place. We are so sad to hear of the loss of your mother recently . I remember very well her kindness toward me and always with a smile. I recall one Christmas day I came to your house to see what you got for Christmas 1972 I believe and Isabel giving me the biggest cookie I had ever seen, with a glass of milk. Your mom and dad were on the way to my mom’s wake (port hood) in a blinding snow storm in January 2000 and had to turn back Isabel called us that day to say how sorry she was they couldn’t make it ….we were so happy to have heard from her our mother thought the world of both your mom and dad. We hope you all find peace having had such a wonderful person for a mom.
    All the best from all of us.
    David, Allan, and Heather

    daviddunford@yahoo.ca I would love to come see ya all sometime.

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