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PHILLIPS Trueman David Messages

AUCOIN Edgar Joseph – Messages

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LEBLANC Mary Elizabeth Messages

SMITH Robert Arnold Messages

AUCOIN BernardMessages

HAYWARD Dennis Earl Messages

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TIMMONS Diana Messages

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LYNK Donald Charles– Messages

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TOMICZEK Ethel Messages

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BARRO Cyril Alfred Messages

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GARDINER Lloyd Michael Messages

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TOBIN Sandra Messages

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GALLANT Alfred “Anthony” Messages

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BEHUNE Stephen Herbert Messages

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BURNS Wilfred Harold Messages

MACDONALD Rebecca Messages

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SHAW John Ruben Messages

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  1. To Mary and Family, I am so sorry to hear about Hugh’s passing. I know how much he was adored by you, Mary, and the family. Thinking of you all as you navigate this very sad time. xoxo Stephanie

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