MACKENZIE Mary Teresa Messages

MACINTYRE Florence Judith Messages

CARROLL Edward Leo “Teddy” Messages

GARLAND Malcolm Frederick —- Messages

LEBLANC Alice May —– Messages

FRASER Virginia Helen Messages

MACLEOD Marilyn Anne —- Messages

HUGHES Shirley ChristeneMessages

PHILLIPS Lorraine Blanch —– Messages

MURPHY Ranold Brian Messages

Payne John Francis —— Messages

CAMPBELL Effie Marie —– Messages

MCDANIEL Catherine Elizabeth —- Messages

LANCELEVE Gayle Evangeline —- Messages

GILLIS Alexander Charles —- Messages

WESKETT Francis —– Messages

MAC LEAN Nancy Ann P   —   Messages

MUISE Jean Alfred —- Messages

POWER James MauriceMessages

BURNS Daniel Joseph —– Messages

CAMUS Marie Louise —– Messages

RANKIN Joan Ann —— Messages

BURTON Earl Joseph —— Messages

MARPLE Margaret Anna —- Messages


BURTON Donald Nelson Messages

PHILLIPS Herb —– Messages

MACNEIL William Pius —- Messages

PHILLIPS John James —– Messages

MACLEAN Nancy MaeMessages

MUNTZ Alfred Philip —- Messages

MACNEIL Ainslie JosephMessages

MacKenzie Julia EileenMessages

DEYOUNG Etta Mae Messages

CHAPMAN, Warren Howard Messages

DESVEAUX, Thomas William Messages

MURPHY, Leland Daniel Neil Messages

LARADE, JulesMessages

INGRAHAM, Ella Alfreda Messages

CHAISSON, John DavidMessages

BYERS, Helene Florence Messages

PHILLIPS, Isabel EmmaMessages

MACKINNON, Vincent Messages

1 thought on “Obituaries

  1. For the family of Alex Gillis – Qwynn & Kenny – Thinking of you and sending thoughts and prayers your way to you and all of your family – George & Cathy Taylor

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