MARTIN Kevin Reginald Messages

BOURGEOIS Leonard Messages

LYNK Gwendolyn AudreyMessages

CREIGHTON Kenneth William Messages

LYNK Donald Charles– Messages

BOUDREAU Annie Eileen —- Messages

MACLELLAN Archie Dan Messages

TOMICZEK Ethel Messages

MCSWEEN Claude Adrian Messages

RUTLEDGE Paul FrancisMessages

KERR Carolyn Messages

MACDONALD Mary Anne Messages

MORRISON Sarah Belle Messages

MACDONALD Mary Pearline Messages

MACLEAN Ronald MurdoMessages

GARDINER Lloyd Michael Messages

MACLEOD Mary Catherine Messages

MACDONALD Mary Ellen– Messages

HOLT-JONES Ian Edward Messages

GALLANT Alfred “Anthony” Messages

MACEACHERN Gerard Messages

LEBLANC Anne Viola – Messages

BEATON Angus Gerard Messages

BEHUNE Stephen Herbert Messages

BUCKLES Mary Martha Messages

CRANTON Laurie ChandlerMessages

BURNS Wilfred Harold Messages

MACDONALD Rebecca Messages

BEATON Mary LorettaMessages

SHAW John Ruben Messages

MCDANIEL Neil George Messages

HART Lillian Agnes Messages

MACDONALD Alexander John Messages

DOUCETTE Bruce Francis Messages

LEBLANC Edward FrancisMessages

STOLARCHUK Donald Messages

MURPHY Daniel Hugh Messages

MACNEIL Ann Marie Messages

DIEKELMANN Paul Alexander— Messages

MACINTYRE Hugh Alexander Messages

DE VRIES Georgina Violet Messages

ESLER Clifford Myers Messages

TIMMONS Earl Joseph Messages

MACDONALD Judith KristineMessages

LAURENCE Walter Stewart Messages

HODSON Ann Messages

BATHERSON Helen Margaret Messages

MACDONALD Helen Mildred Christine Messages

MACLEOD George JosephMessages

DUNN Hugh Daniel Messages

MACNEIL Raymond Messages

AUCOIN Gerard JosephMessages

MACNEIL Hector Daniel Messages

LEBLANC Mary JuliaMessages

WALZAK Lisa Marie Messages

PEMBERTON William Henry Messages

BOURGEOIS Simon Joe Messages

HARRISON Marilyn AnnMessages

PARSONS Rhoda MargaretMessages

THOMAS Clara Theresa (Carroll) Messages

DEVEAUX Bertha Messages

SMOLENAARS Melita Marie Messages

MACDONALD Colin LewisMessages

DESVEAUX Marie Bernadette Messages

CUNNINGHAM, Donna MarieMessages

TIMMONS Harry HerbertMessages

KENNEDY John Ernest Messages

LEVERT Doris Marie —- Messages

PHILLIPO Peter TerranceMessages

ROSS Hampton Gurney —- Messages

MITCHELL Emily Marie —- Messages

RANKIN Finlay Gerard Messages

CRANTON Gordon Ralph —- Messages

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STEDMAN Catherine “Kay” Ann Messages

LANCELEVE Angus GeorgeMessages

HENDSBEE Margarita Alice —- Messages

MACNEIL Mary AliceMessages

KENNEDY Gregory Joseph Messages

SMITH Terrence William “Terry” —- Messages

MACLENNAN Eric Wayne —- Message

COX Leonardus “Leo” Jacob —- Messages

MACKINNON Mary Catherine —— Messages

GALLANT Lucie Jeanette —– Messages

MACKENZIE Mary Teresa Messages

3 thoughts on “Obituaries

  1. Our deepest condolences to Daniel Hugh Murphy’s wife & family. So sorry to hear of his
    passing. He was a wonderful man. Keeping you all in our prayers. Gerry & Laura Tompkins

  2. To the family of Hugh Murphy: Mary, while I never met your husband, he sounded like a wonderful man. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

  3. To Mary and Family, I am so sorry to hear about Hugh’s passing. I know how much he was adored by you, Mary, and the family. Thinking of you all as you navigate this very sad time. xoxo Stephanie

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