Q & A

What is a Funeral co-operative?

  • Operates on the principle of mutual support and democratic organization
  • Provides simple, dignified funeral services as economically as possible.

What is the Sunset Funeral Co-operative?

  • a community driven initiative
  • offers affordable funeral services
  • members or others not belonging to a sponsoring church will be accommodated with consideration in the manner they wish
  • sponsoring congregations commit to the use of their churches and commit themselves to supportive ministry of bereavement
  • services and visitation may be held in sanctuaries and halls of SPONSORING CONGREGATIONS or in a home or at the Sunset Co-op in Margaree Valley, if requested.

Does Sunset Co-op offer pre-paid funerals?

  • Yes. Details available by calling or emailing our office.
  • We also work with Canada Purple Shield. The Canada Purple Shield plan is a specialized type of insurance program that provides funeral funding options for your burial expenses.

Can I transfer a pre-paid funeral to Sunset Funeral Co-operative?

  • YES. Contact the existing funeral provider- sample letters available
  • Request your contract to be terminated
  • Once funds have been transferred, contact Sunset Funeral Co-op to make new arrangements
  • Legally, the existing funeral home has 30 days to return your pre-paid money
  • They also have the right to keep 10% of the money that was in trust for :admin costs

Do you accept Credit Cards/Debit cards?

  • To keep costs down, we only accept cheques, bank drafts (money orders) or cash. We also accept e-transfers. We stay away from the credit/debit  cards because of the extra cost we would have to charge you.

How is the Sunset  Funeral Co-op run?

  • Operating from building & office located in Margaree Valley
  • Employs a full time Funeral Director and Embalmer
  • Governed by a Board of Directors elected at AGM
  • Directors develop and ensure policies and procedures are in place and carried out
  • Staff conduct the day to day operations of the business
  • Each member has voting rights at the AGM.

Do you have to be a member of a sponsoring congregation to join the co-op? What does it cost to join?

  • No, Membership is open to anyone over the age of 13 living within the geographical boundaries of the co-op.
  • The cost of membership is a one-time payment of $25 per member.
  • A member receives a $250 discount on funeral services

How do I become a member?

  • Print and fill out the  Membership Application Form and send with your $25 fee to our office in Margaree Valley.
  • More information available by contacting our office.

Do you have to be a member to use the services of Sunset Co-op?

  • No. Anyone within the geographical boundaries of any of the sponsoring congregations may use the services provided by the co-op.
  • Non-members do not get the $250 discount.